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What makes you different from other deburring shops?

Two very simple things that make us different from other deburring shops is that we operate very efficiently by implementing LEAN manufacturing methodology that focuses on minimizing waste, and we are in constant development of very specialized/custom-made tools & processes that cut down on production time tremendously.

When does it make sense to outsource deburring vs in-house?

In almost all circumstances, it’s ideal to outsource the Deburring operation. Outsourcing works extremely well for companies of all sizes with revenues ranging from $10,000 to $500 million. Our customers outsource with us in order to gain efficiency, while reducing critical in-house resources. We view our customers as our partners in business, and enable them to scale up and scale down easily.

What is your quoting process?

We pride ourselves with the ability to be highly flexible, and can quote starting with a RFQ (Request For Quote) or can meet a TP (Target Price) given by our customer. To start, simply contact us on our website or give us a call.

What is your typical turnaround time?

Our typical turnaround time is based on our customer’s needs. Our planning process with our customer’s production team ensures we meet target turnaround time and expectations. One thing that separates us from other shops is that we view our customers as business partners, and dedicate production capacity into our production floor for each of our customers. We will make all due dates possible, and if a rush order is needed, we can make it happen.

Can you pick up and deliver?

We can absolutely help with pick up and delivery if needed. We have a company GMC W3500 flatbed truck to accommodate our customers needs.

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