Deburring Shop

Deburring Shop has joined forces with Richwood Industries and also specializes in solving difficult deburring, finishing, and wastewater problems. On staff, we have experts who work with the customer to find economical solutions that give the highest quality results. If standard equipment needs modification, Deburring Shop and Richwood Industries can manufacture customized machinery and custom media. With us, you are not just buying a machine, you are acquiring the means to a perfectly manufactured product. Please contact us for further information.

No More Failures!

Deburring Shop and Richwood has always stated that by using our Controlled Velocity Finishing Machine and our customized deburring processes, the overall compressive residual stress of the part will be significantly improved. To back up our claim, Richwood sent sample parts to an outside Laboratory, Lambda, for testing. The testing method used was x-ray diffraction. Deburring Shop and Richwood is excited to share the results of the Lambda report, which prove our claims. Results show that using our methods, the compressive residual stress of the part is significantly improved in comparison to other traditional methods of surface finishing. Please refer to the charts below for results. Please contact us for a copy of the full report.

Centrifugal Barrel Machine CV-600

Centrifugal Barrel Machine CV-6000

Wastewater Treatment System WW-200

All-Wheel Finishing Machine #1

All-Wheel Finishing Machine #2

Unloading an All-Wheel Finishing Machine

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